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High-Quality Business Advice With over 10 years of experience, we’ll ensure
you always get well-researched advice.
Talk To Our Experts
Maximise your income by minimising the tax you pay We Are Tax Specialists Tax Minimisation Experts Wealth Creation Strategies Realise your full financial potential and be rewarded for
your hard work.
Wealth Plans That Work

Need A 5 Star Accounting Firm in Brisbane That You Can Rely On?

What We Do

BBAS Accounting Services is an industry-leading accounting firm in Brisbane, Queensland, recognised by customers Australia-wide for consistently delivering great outcomes for businesses, partnerships, and individuals.
All our staff are focused on providing you with excellent service, personal attention and we pride ourselves on being reliable and accountable.

Our objectives are to assist our clients to legally minimise their tax and maximise their wealth. We use innovative business practices to remain responsive and efficient, resulting in affordable professional accounting services.

Every day we assist our clients to achieve greater success. Would you like to work together?

Please browse our website to see our full range of services and contact our friendly staff for assistance.

Tax Returns and Advice
Claim all entitlements and employ our tax minimisation strategies.
Business Advice
Grow your business with expert financial and business advice.
Streamline account keeping, data entry, ATO reporting, and much more.
Self Managed Super Funds
Reporting, auditing and legal obligations for SMSF made easy.
Full Service Accounting
We providing extensive accounting services to clients throughout Australia.
Specialist Accountants
Highly-experienced accountants for businesses, personal, SMSF and more.

Number One In Wealth Creation Strategies

We Are One of Brisbane's Leading Wealth Management Firms

Why Choose Us


We have been providing expert accounting, bookkeeping and financial services for over 20 years.


An enthusiastic and qualified team of accountants and business advisors are always keen to help you.


We enjoy challenges and using our contemporary skillsets to deliver the best services and advice.


We are well known for our expertise and integrity in providing reputable accounting services.


We work closely with you to realise your financial goals using open and honest communication.


A committed team that is focused on completing your requirements within agreed timeframes.

Who We Are

BBAS Accounting Services is a leading full-service accounting firm in Brisbane who provides a comprehensive range of accounting services to clients across Australia. We work closely with our clients to help them plan for and realise their financial goals. If you need experienced accountants on your side, then working with BBAS is a smart choice.

Contact Our Accountants

Did you want to speak to one of our experienced accountants over the phone? Simply submit your contact details and one of our team will be in touch with you shortly.
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    * Information that we need to help you

    Or     Book an Appointment Online

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