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Many individuals and business owners are unaware of all their tax obligations until they complete their annual tax returns. Often, they get unwelcomed news from eTax or their accountant lets them know the bad news regarding how much tax they have to pay for the financial year. Wouldn’t it be great to know if you will have a tax debt prior to the end of the financial year, rather than being burdened with a nasty debt that you aren’t financially ready for?

Personal Tax Returns

At BBAS Accounting Services, we have many people who come to us with stories of how their previous accountants left them unsatisfied. Their main concern was that their accountant appeared to just be going through the motions, regarding preparing their tax return or offering taxation advice. Moreover, they claim to not be confident that their full entitlements have been sufficiently explored to minimise their tax payable. If you have ever felt this way with your accountant, then you are not alone.
As people who pay tax ourselves, we completely understand that you want the best tax return possible and to feel that tax accountant has worked hard to minimise your tax. At BBAS our highly experienced accountants in Brisbane are completely focused on providing the best personal tax advice possible. To us, preparing a tax return for a client is a process of investigation to develop a picture of your financial situation and applying our extensive knowledge on tax laws to deliver the best possible result for you, every time.

Personal Tax Advice

To us, personal tax advice is more than just being a tax accountant in Brisbane or somewhere else in Australia who delivers great tax returns. Our accounting practice in Brisbane looks after clients all around Australia and over the last decade, our firm has become well known for the broad high-quality services that we provide. However, more importantly, we have a developed reputation for providing expert and complete personal tax advice that truly maximises the financial position of our clients.
We take the time to answer your questions while asking plenty of our own. This allows us to gain an understanding of your concerns and goals that you have, while our questions help us to develop a thorough understanding of your current financial position. Does your current accountant provide that level of service?
Tax legislation is ever-changing and complicated. It takes experienced accountants to be able to understand and apply it correctly for maximum client benefit. Therefore, it is important to be on the front foot to adapt to any changes, which may affect personal and business tax calculations. Having our team on your side will enable you to address changing tax matters early and be prepared for them when they are introduced. Understanding your tax obligations well in advance is a key to any personal wealth creation plans and can inform your business decisions and growth.

What Does Our Personal Tax Advice Cover?

We can provide personal taxation advice on a full range of tax-related matters including income tax, capital gains, GST, business tax and foreign income. Our advisory team ensures that their comprehensive knowledge of all tax regulations and legislation remains up to date. Keeping current enables us to provide accurate and contemporary financial advice to support your financial goals. We value building relationships with all of our clients and our trusted record of accomplishment helps us to achieve stretch goals for our clients.

Get Individual Tax Advice From Qualified Accountants

BBAS Accounting Services would love to provide you with personal tax advice and even assist you with initial or advanced wealth creation strategies. It is never too early to plan for your financial future and security.

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